10 Gadgets Every New College Student Should Own

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Are you planning to go to college this fall? If so, make sure you’re ready by having these ten gadgets that every new college student should own:

Desktop: it’s always helpful to have a desktop computer. Desktops make researching and writing papers much easier.

Laptop: it’s also helpful to have a laptop computer for taking notes in class. These are easy to carry around and are great for killing time when you’re bored.

Cell phone: every college student should have a cell phone even if it’s not a smartphone.Get more information Read more…

How to Properly Manage Your Time at College

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Time is a precious commodity for college students, and having good time management skills can make the difference between success and failure. Follow these tips to stay on track while in school.

Use a Calendar

Whether you choose to use the calendar feature on your cell phone or a paper version, use it for everything. Carefully schedule your days, writing down important assignments, laundry time, when you plan on calling your parents and other details. This will become essential when your schedule gets crazy.

Plan Ahead

Using your calendar to map out Read more…

Common Obstacles and Struggles College Students Face

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Being a college student can be a wonderful experience. You are able to make new friends, have amazing experiences and learn skills that can help you start a future career. Unfortunately, college life isn’t always about having fun and learning new skills and education. Many college students deal with massive amounts of debt and home-sickness issues that can leave them feeling depressed. Many college kids also have a hard time keeping themselves healthy and active because of the amount of schoolwork they Read more…

Excel at College: Start Your Own Sorority

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When you first arrive at college, it is easy to become overwhelmed. This is especially true if you are attending a large college or university. One of the best ways to not feel so alone is by connecting with others. You can build a community by finding others who share your interests and values.
Many college students enjoy finding camaraderie at sororities. There are many different sororities, and each one has a different personality, structure and goals. Most schools have “Rush Week,” “Greek Week” or something similar to Read more…

Top 5 Advantages of Joining a Sorority or Fraternity

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Joining a Greek sorority or fraternity helps new college students adjust to college life on campus. These organizations offer opportunities to participate in many social activities, belong to a group, and get away from the stress of attending classes and studying.

Interaction with officers and members of a Greek sorority or fraternity provides many opportunities to develop the social skills needed to communicate with other people. They will have more opportunities to make new friends and belong to a group.I was looking for more information and found Read more…

What to Expect During Your First Week of College

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Whether you are a freshman who has never lived away from home before or you are a non-traditional student who hasn’t been in a classroom in years, the first week of college can be a little fraught.

First, remember that it is okay to be overwhelmed. Your life has changed, so take it easy on yourself. Take advantage of the dining hall meals, and make sure that you are staying grounded by talking to the people who are Read more…

Is College Really All That Different From High School?

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Attending college is very different from attending high school. You will have much more freedom in college, but your newfound freedom comes with much more responsibility.

In college, your instructors will not care if you attend class or choose to sleep in. You have paid for the class, if you do not attend; you have wasted your money. When you are in class, you cannot distract other students. Everyone else in the class has also paid to be there, they will not appreciate any distractions.

College students Read more…

How to Maintain a Healthy Weight While in College

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The “freshman fifteen” may be legendary, but it is possible to go to college and maintain a healthy body weight. Here are some tips to help you stay svelte and still enjoy college life.

The Cafeteria
People may joke about how bad “dorm food” is, but many campus dining halls offer a broad variety of foods at every meal, so overeating is easy. Dining halls often serve meals buffet style, which means all of the junk foods you desire are right at your finger tips. Make sensible choices Read more…